Leica Minilux

So without further ado, and in no particular order:

  1. The black lacquer looks great. It looks much better in the hand than it does on screen.
  2. The camera is really quiet. The shutter is practically silent, as is the film transport. The noisiest bits are the startup/shutdown and autofocusing.
  3. The viewfinder sucks! It’s tiny and squinty. Don’t like it.
  4. The titanium body feels really well-made. The ergonomics are very comfortable for what is essentially a small black brick. The camera operates very well even with one hand.

I won’t comment on the image quality till I’ve shot more with the camera. My first roll on it wasn’t fantastic—I wasn’t used to the AF lock thingy.

The Minilux does seem to chew through film at a fantastic rate—I shot five rolls in the CBD this afternoon. April suggests that it’s just me.

I’m off to develop two of the five rolls.