Leica Elmarit 90/2.8

It’s a large lens compared to my 40mm Rokkor. Dimensions would be 87mm in length when focused to infinity, 97mm when focused to 1 meter. 52mm at widest points. It looks rather funny on my CLE as it’s almost as long as the body itself. The combination is heavier than I’m used to.

The lens feels very solidly built; not like most lenses one finds these days.

I shot a roll with it this afternoon. Scans show that the results are sharp enough for me, and the bokeh is pleasing to my eye. The lens seems to flare quite a bit; this could be attributed to the haze inside. I’ll have to get it cleaned.

My biggest complaint: no half-stop detents for the aperture ring. Still, a Leica lens for under S$300. Wow. I’m happy.