First Look: Voigtländer 50/1.1


It's big! Mild annoyance: the bottom of the lens protrudes beyond the bottom of the body, so if you rest the setup on a flat surface, the lens body will probably get worn pretty fast.

Another slight annoyance (for me), given the large circumference of the lens, I find it hard to grasp it securely in my hand. Given that I don't use straps with my cameras, it might be time to start trying one.

It's surprisingly lightweight. Between carrying this and a 90/2 Summicron, this feels much lighter.

The lens feels very well made, and the focusing and aperture controls feel great. I would rate it as one of the best CV lenses I've tried, if not the best (that it's the most expensive might be a factor).

Without the hood, the lens does not intrude much into the viewfinder, and for me, doesn't pose a problem in use.

As mentioned above, I haven't processed my film yet, so stay tuned for a report on the image quality!