Darkroom Timesavers

Nova 8×10” Monochrome Processor
Gone is the time wasted on setting up trays, filling them with chemistry, and then cleaning them down after a printing session.

The Nova Processor is a really well-made product that has made life in the darkroom so much easier. It takes a lot less space than three 8×10” trays, and I can keep chemistry in it for the next session.

Peak Enlarging Focuser
My old grain focuser was a chore to use, and I could never be sure that it was accurate, resulting in a substantial proportion of prints being incorrectly focused.

With the Peak (I bought a Model 3, their cheapest model), not only is it accurate, it is easy to use, and even allows me to check the focus in the corners of the print. Since I’ve started using the Peak, I’ve not had any mis-focused prints.

Ilford EM10 Exposure Monitor
This wonder tool provides a great starting point for enlargements, allowing me to make a quick proof print. Usually it provides an estimate that is within half a stop of what I’m looking for.

It won’t replace test-prints for more challenging negatives, but it really speeds things up.